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Nutritional Advice

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Whilst I’m NOT a qualified Dietician and won’t prescribe meal plans, I am qualified and insured to give general nutritional advice as a Personal Trainer.

I’ve successfully helped many clients eat more healthily, lose weight and improve their body shape and tone. I promote and support healthy, sustainable weight loss (I’m very much against fad dieting and hardcore calorie restriction). My real skills lie in understanding the obstacles and problems which clients need to overcome – and working with clients to find practical solutions to those problems. I often try to involve the family in goal setting and planning, to ensure our agreed way forward is workable. I other words, I help you find practical solutions to eating and drinking yourself healthy.

As an endurance athlete racing Ironman distance triathlon (on top of running around for most of the day training my clients!), I’m well practised at fuelling for endurance events and optimum health. I take great pride in my own nutrition and ‘walk the walk’ where eating and drinking is concerned. Whilst I’m not a qualified Sports Nutritionist, I can certainly help and support you in optimising your performance and share my own experiences.

I can advise you on nutrition as part of a weekly Personal Training plan – you’ll certainly benefit from my input. Call me for a chat about how to get started.