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Inspirational Jun 10, 2018 by Liz

Harriet has been my inspiration! She keeps me positive even when times are tough, I have never felt so good!

Friday fun! Jun 09, 2018 by Koo

As a boot camp beginner and the weakest link in the group Harriet has helped me hugely to overcome my fear of exercise. Each week she pushes a little bit harder and my strength and fitness is definitely improving. Thank you Harriet! X

Inspirational Jun 07, 2018 by Clare

Harriet has the ability to engage and inspire all her clients. She treats everyone as an individual, understanding their needs and encouraging us at every step of the way. I recommended Harriet to all my friends.

Excellent! Jun 06, 2018 by Nikki

Harriet is incredibly professional, full of inspiration and knowledge. She mixes hard work with lots of fun and no class is the same. I would thoroughly recommend her to all levels of fitness from beginners to triathletes. She will happily help you with any personal challenges or goals you have. Totally brilliant!

Excellent! Jun 06, 2018 by Helen

Harriet challenges us to accomplish our personal goals and never lets us off!!! It’s always a workout with a good balance of hard work and fun.

Review Jun 06, 2017 by Jen

Extremely motivating,enthusiastic and personable trainer. Can’t recommend highly enough !

Great Trainer Jun 07, 2017 by Pete

Highly recommended, brilliant trainer preparing me for Tour de Force cycle event covering 5 stages of the Tour de France in July

Fun Exercise Jun 04, 2017 by Chippy

Enjoying exercise is as important as doing the right exercise specific to the individual and Harriet definitely ticks both these boxes when it comes to her classes. There has not been one session where there has been a “I cant be bothered to go” thought – in fact it has been the opposite – things have been cancelled to make sure I go. She does push you but she seems to know exactly what your limitations are and the classes are never the same. Harriet many thanks.

Thank you Jun 04, 2017 by Kirsty

Huge thank you to Harriet for giving me the confidence to improve my fitness. She is a great teacher and I look forward to each session.

Top bananas Jun 04, 2016 by Geoff

I would recommend Harriet to anyone wanting to get fit. She is highly professional, motivating and most of all makes it fun. She has a great variety of exercises to suit all fitness levels.Boot Camp

Jun 03, 2015 by Guy

I have now realised what a waste of time my monthly gym membership has been! I now do a weekly ‘boot camp’ group session with Harriet and the variety of exercises have not only helped with my core strength and historic back problems but with my weak ankle following a previous injury. Great fun but hard work at the same time. You are constantly being pushed to attain new goals, I will not be missig a session and I cannot recommend Harriet highly enough. Thanks for your help.Guy Spencer

Fantastic Jun 03, 2016 by Alison

I love training with Harriet. Each session is varied and challenging. Her support and expertise encourages and succeeds in allowing you to always remain focused and totally motivated.

Thank you Harriet! Jun 03, 2016 by Alison

My motivation with working with Harriet was primarily to get into a wedding dress (and turning 40) but it became much much more than that. My journey with Harriet has become a way of life that I desperately needed, not only do I feel better and am fitter than I was, I have more energy, self esteem and more importantly I am confident that continuing on this journey I will have many fit healthy years ahead of me with my husband and young children. This non runner now loves/hates/loves 5k and 10k charity runs!! The Right Fit has become The Right Life for me and my family….. Thank you so very very much Harriet

Motivational and supportive Jun 02, 2015 by Amanda

Having steadily put weight on over the last few years and finding myself very unhappy with the way I looked and my general fitness levels and having tried various exercise routines on my own I signed up with Harriet. The results have been tremendous. I have lost over 2 stone and dropped 2 dress sizes and am much stronger and fitter. Harriet has been an inspiration and totally supportive throughout, tailoring the sessions to suit me and constantly changing the activities, pushing me but always staying within my capabilities. At tims it’s serious hard work but I always enjoy myself!

After 3 months Jun 02, 2015 by Iain

Training sessions continue to be hard and great fun . Really enjoy and look forward to the sessions . The sessions have steadily increased in intensity and I feel like I’m making progress – Russian twists aside !!

Makes a real difference Jun 02, 2015 by Jeff

Harriet shows exceptional professionalism and makes a real difference. She doesn’t bully people but is firm and challenging. She makes the sessions interesting having always prepared well for them and I thoroughly recommend her approach and manner.

Making training enjoyable Jun 02, 2014 by Steve

Harriet really understands me as an individual, having had problems with joints in the past, and how to build strength but recognise the joints’ limitations. She makes training fun and something that you want to continue with. Highly recommended.

Committed to helping you achieve results May 30, 2014 by Geoff

Have worked with several Personal Trainers in the UK and the States but Harriet’s energy and dedication makes her stand out above the crowd. Absolutely committed to helping her clients achieve results.

highly recommended May 30, 2014 by Maggie

Loved training with Harriet back in the UK. Helped me enormously, highly recommended

reduced blood sugar levels and weight loss May 28, 2014 by Robert

As a diabetic in my sixties, Harriet has helped me lose weight and reduce my blood sugar levels significantly. Wholeheartedly recommend…Top Trainer

May 19, 2014 by James

Harriet has helped me lose a stone. Not only has she got me doing some great PT sessions, she’s taken an in-depth look at what I eat and drink – and worked with me to improve my diet. Can’t recommend her enough, thank you H!

Boot Camp May 14, 2014 by Karen

Would like to say a massive thank you to Harriet for devising an exercise programme that is enjoyable and beneficial. Never thought I would enjoy boot camp this much!

Top class! May 10, 2014 by Claire

Thoroughly enjoying boot camp with Harriet. Not only do you get trim and nutrition advice, we are learning so many exercises. Thank you Harriet!

Excellent! May 02, 2014 by Andy

Harriet is an excellent trainer. Although so far I have only been training with her for a short while, I am already finding I have renewed focus and I am being tested in new ways. The fact that she can tailor the training around me and make it specific to my goals is a pleasant change from the ‘turn up and train how I want you to train’ approach of so many others. Always looking forward to the next session.

Excellent motivator May 02, 2014 by Naomi

I’ve only been working with Harriet for a couple of weeks now doing one on one personal training sessions but so far I am really impressed, she makes me feel very motivated & I can already see the results in me. I have also provided her with a bit of a challenge as I have a problematic foot & am not allowed to do some exercises but she has found ways to make me work without causing pain, in my foot anyway! No pain no gain! Would thoroughly recommend to anyone, it has really helped my self confidence already.

Simply The Best! May 01, 2014 by Paula

Harriet has made me see exercise in a new light, after asking us what we wish to achieve as a group, she has developed an intensive training programme where we are seeing results fast and feeling far more positive and fitter in life. Could not recommend more highly and a MASSIVE thank you to you Harriet for your time and dedication.

Fitness fun May 01, 2014 by Lucinda

I have trained with Harriet for nearly a year in both group and personal training sessions. Harriet runs fun, positive and, very importantly, varied sessions – some sessions we do hill runs, interval runs, tabata or dynamic stretching to help improve all round fitness as well as achieve specific goals. I always see results -such as improved run time in distances races as well as more general targets like weight loss. Something that holds Harriet above other trainers is that she clearly enjoys what she does and gets genuine satisfaction from helping customers achieve their goal – plus the fact she is lovely and great company means her customers look forward to their sessions.

Helped give me my life back May 01, 2014 by Juliet

For the last couple of years I have been getting steadily bigger and more and more unfit. Clothes were hideous, self-confidence was gone and worst of all, I was not able to enjoy my passion in life; my wonderful horse, Geoffrey. Thanks to Harriet, this has changed – I have shrunk!! Clothes can now be bought rather than just because they fit; my self-esteem is returning – but most importantly of all, Geoffrey and I are enjoying a fabulous 2014 together as a direct result of being 22lbs lighter and much fitter. Harriet is fun to work with, really understands your individual needs; totally professional – and above all supports you in ensuring you get the results that you both want and need. I recommend her without hesitation.

Fitness Fun x Apr 30, 2014 by Gemma

Thank you Harriet for making exercise fun! I enjoy coming each week to you sessions and I achieve so much more than I would on my own. With your encouragement and experience I know I am in very safe hands.

Thank you Harriet! Apr 30, 2014 by Clare

I have tried personal trainers before Harriet but no one has even come close to being as good. Harriet is the whole package, she is able to motivate, inspire, encourage… In fact change the way we think about fitness. I can now do press ups which was unheard of a year ago! I go for a run on my own, (also previously unheard of) and while I run I can hear Harriet’s voice in my head, “short choppy strides, if it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you!” She is also brilliant at keeping it interesting and no session is the same, I look forward to every one.The best!

Apr 30, 2014 by Georgina

I have been working with Harriet for over a year now and can honestly say every session is different. She is so inspiring and I really look forward to her sessions. The sessions are tough but you feel great after and see results quickly. Thank you Harriet for everything

Patient and encouraging Apr 30, 2014 by Nicky

Prior to meeting Harriet I had tried a few trainers and was feeling despondent. Right from the start Harriet was encouraging, patient and understanding. She was keen to get to know me and to find the best way to help me reach my goals. For the first time in my life I finally feel more in control and now I actually look forward to exercising, thank you Harriet!

Feeling motivated and Stress Free Apr 30, 2014 by Joanne

After trying out different classes and bootcamps in the past I decided one January enough was enough, I contacted Harriet to help me loose the lbs and drop dress sizes. What a result, i feel fantastic when doing her personal training sessions and even better after, with the added bonus of de-stressing too. Over a year down the line and I am still hooked. Fantastic lady. Thank you Harriet. x

Helped me lose 20lbs in 3 months Apr 05, 2014 by Janet

Thanks to fantastic advice and support from Harriet, I’ve lost 20lbs over the past 3 months! Harriet, you’ve inspired me – I feel much better and confident that the weight I’ve lost will stay off!

Improved flexibility Apr 05, 2014 by Angela

Harriet has helped me improve my flexibility over the past year, through a combination of Personal Training sessions and ‘homework’! Highly recommended, thank you Harriet!

Best trainer, by far Mar 20, 2014 by Nicola

I have struggled with my weight and serious lack of fitness all my life, and now in middle age am at last facing my demons of getting a grip of both. Harriet has been a wonderful inspiration and I have lost weight and increased my mobility and strength – while even enjoying myself. She listens to you as an individual, even in a group setting, and provides just the right amount of pressure for me as a natural lazy bones to become motivated while not putting unrealistic targets in front of me. I feel the best I’ve felt in a decade and can’t wait to see her each week, she is a great tonic for both physical and mental health. I even find myself running up little hills subconsciously, and I have never willingly run anywhere! Thank you Harriet, you are a marvel.

Passion for fitness Mar 19, 2014 by Paul

Harriet is great to be around in & out of the pool. She is always willing to help and advise and is a pleasure to know. Its people like Harriet that have INSPIRED me to start running again. Her passion really shines through when it comes to fitness and nutrition.

Thank you Harriet!! Mar 17, 2014 by Antonia

I feel so lucky to have come across Harriet. I can honestly say that after years of joining gyms and failing to continue with it. Or having signed up for classes and hated every minute of them. I have not enjoyed fitness properly since I was at school. But Harriet has changed all of that, I love my sessions with her, they are well planned and most of all they are fun. Harriet has made me feel motivated for the first time in years.I am very grateful to her and she deserves to win this.

Bringing out the best Mar 14, 2014 by Hella

It is amazing what is possible to achieve with the right training and mindset. Harriet pitches the training just perfect, she pushes enough so that we work hard, but never too much. Her approach is very motivating and she helps to achieve goals. Beginning of last year I was struggling to run 3 miles, this is year I managed to finish a Half Marathon – thank you Harriet!

Best yet. Mar 14, 2014 by Edward

having used several personal trainers over the years, Harriet’s ability to motivate during the session and encourage 100% attendance is a credit to her enthusiasm for general well being. Each session is fun, and incredibly rewarding…but exhausting! She is excellent!Just outstanding experienced advice and support


Mar 14, 2014 by Gareth

Harriet simply gives outstanding, experienced advice and support, with a pleasant manner. She intuitively knows when and how to turn up the motivation factor when you need it!

Harriet has the knack… Mar 14, 2014 by Mitch

She gets me to work harder than I’d ever manage on my own AND make it enjoyable! I get great benefit from her motivational approach and nutritional advice: the whole package works for – and I’ve got the results to prove it. I’ve tried other fitness experts and they just don’t seem to care as much.

Genius Mar 13, 2014 by Jason

From being a person “exercise adverse”, Harriet has proved to be an inspiration to me. No session is ever dull – it’s hard work, but you don’t realise you are working your socks off until the end when you collapse in a heap, only then realising what you have achieved – she makes each session fun, but importantly listens to you and what you want to achieve – then acts on it using her notes which she has evidently thought about outside of the session. A brilliant example on how to be professional and inspiring!

Perfect Mar 13, 2014 by Peter

Perfect pre season fitness tailored to the individual – would highly recommend The Right Fit. 5 Star!

Inspiring Mar 13, 2014 by Ashley

I was front row and center when Harriet was planning to become a personal trainer. She was passionate and excited and driven; which is the way she is as a coach too. Harriet was my best training partner and close friend on those cold, long British rides and she kept me always wanting more. Her energetic personality, combined with her passion and knowledge of sport makes her one of the best coaches out there for athletes of all abilities and ambitions. 100% recommend.

Setting goals Mar 13, 2014 by Sophie

Over the past few years my exercise regime has been very ‘stop-start’ due to a back injury, so my fitness levels have fallen! Since training with Harriet I not only feel as if is she is helping me get fit in the ‘right way’ with a sensible long term approach to my injury, she is also encouraging me to take on one of my lifelong ambitions – a triathlon. With her knowledge and expertise I feel confident that i will be able to achieve my goal and still look after my back. Thank you.

Fitness Instruction Mar 13, 2014 by Duncan

Harriet is nothing short of fantastic, an inspiration. She provided me with a well thought out training plan delivered with great dedication and passion. From a seriously unfit 30 something that would break a sweat chasing down the icecream van, I managed to complete my first half marathon in a respectable 1hr 43 minutes and raised £1300 for a charity close to my heart. Without Harriet none of this would have been possible…Next stop a full Marathon!

Now my turn for feedback Mar 13, 2014 by Michael

Harriet has been inspiring for the past year that she has been coaching me. For a young man of 49, old habits have been challenging but through her varied exercise program and extensive knowledge of fitness & diet matters a new door has open for me. Thank you Harriet !!!!

Review of training Mar 12, 2014 by Iain

I have been enormously impressed by Harriet’s knowledge of fitness and health matters . She has pitched our training programme perfectly . I look forward to the event , am never bored and come away pushed . None of this seems extreme and yet the following day tells me I have trained well. She has increased the intensity well and I now hope the weekly sessions will become the backbone of my fitness programme . All in all very highly rated and a true professional